• TAKE PART in identifying and pressing for changes to improve the quality of life and the services we pay for at Park West. THIS IS THE LOGICAL WAY TO PROTECT YOUR LONG TERM INVESTMENT AT PARK WEST AND POSITIVELY AFFECTS ITS MARKET VALUATION
  • ISSUES with the quality or cost of services you are paying for at Park West? You will have a stronger voice through the PWRA regarding issues you wish to raise with the landlord about these and other costs

  • ACT NOW and work together to get us to Recognised Tenancy Association. The more people we have, the sooner changes will come
  • ACCESS the PWRA Members Website and Forum giving you access to information and discussion with other PWRA Members
  • ATTEND AND VOTE at the PWRA meetings to steer the PWRA decisions


Read and agree to the binding Rules and Constitution of the PWRA
This is so that we can continue to remain a fairly elected and responsible body that is recognised according to the laws and procedures that operate in England

Sign up to the PWRA

1. FILL IN all required sections of the green form below

2. PRINT this web page from your browser (move your mouse over the green form, Right Click, Print). When your details are printed, click the SUBMIT button. If this does not work for whatever reason, click here for a PDF versionSIGN AND DATE your printed form at the bottom

3. POST your printed copy to PWRA Membership Secretary, c/o 221 Park West, Park West Place, London, W2 2QL, United Kingdom

Your continued support will help us achieve the vision and objectives for the benefit of all the leaseholders at Park West. Thank you.