About Us

We are volunteers who live or own flats at Park West and care about making it a better place to live

Why the PWRA was formed
The PWRA was formed in 2009 by leaseholder volunteers to improve the quality of services, value for money and forecasting of service charges and as a result, the long-term capital values of their properties at Park West. We are all volunteers elected by our membership at our AGM and who put in substantial commitment and significant effort to deliver the PWRA's vision and directives. We are Not For Profit and have a strict non-profiteering mandate for all our officers.

Recognised Tenants Association
We need a sufficient percentage of total leaseholders to become members of the PWRA in order to attain 'Recognised Tenants Association' (RTA) status, so that we can have certain important rights in English law.

If you are a leaseholder at Park West you can see why it makes sense to join us, as collectively we will have greater control of the quality, running costs and value of our properties. The case histories and beneficial outcomes for forming and joining an RTA are now well proven, even if you are a leaseholder who rents out your property. Please see the Useful Links section for more information on why this can increase the value of your flat.
The PWRA Committee is made up of no more than 23 and no fewer than 3 PWRA members at any given time. There is an elected Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Secretary, Communications Officer, Treasurer, 9 Block Reps and 9 Deputy Block Reps each representing their block.

To improve efficiency, security and quality of communications, we have a central directive to do as much as possible of this electronically. Designed, published and operated for the benefit of the PWRA, the purpose of this website is to give residents, owners, prospective owners and tenants, up to date independently-written news and information about the Park West building and the local area.

If you have any questions or comments about this site, email the editor at editor@parkwestra.co.uk.

All material on this website is published completely independently of the landlord and their management agents of Park West, and the opinions expressed on these sites are not necessarily exhaustive of the PWRA or its committee members.

While great care has been taken to ensure that the content of this website is correct, the publisher cannot accept responsibility for any error, omission or claims made on the site. Prospective owners and tenants of flats in the building are strongly recommended to check all relevant facts themselves before signing any agreements in respect of property in the building.

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