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Please remember that the PWRA committee are volunteers and are giving their time for the benefit of you and all other PWRA members. They are not employed by anybody, and are not in any way responsible for the management of Park West, which is the duty of the managing agents of the building, Highdorn Company Ltd.

Apartment Block Issues
Each block has an elected Block Representative and a Deputy Block Representative. They have volunteered to monitor and field issues and concerns in their block to the PWRA Committee.

If you have any issues or questions to bring to the PWRA, please email your Block Representative using these email links. They will investigate your concerns and inform the PWRA committee as well as log the issue for our records with Highdorn Company Ltd;

For Block 1 issues email the Block 1 Rep
For Block 2 issues email the Block 2 Rep
For Block 3 issues email the Block 3 Rep
For Block 4 issues email the Block 4 Rep
For Block 5 issues email the Block 5 Rep
For Block 6 issues email the Block 6 Rep
For Block 7 issues email the Block 7 Rep
For Block 8 issues email the Block 8 Rep

For Block 9 issues email the Block 9 Rep

Contacting The Committee

For PWRA membership enquiries

For website / blog enquiries

Email problems

We have had to remove the Committee group email, due to spam and unwanted solicitation.

If any of your emails bounce back to you, first please check you have typed the correct email address.

If the address is correct, or you are using a link, then there could be a spam filtering issue between our service providers.

Send a complete copy of your bounced email with the header to this address and we will try to resolve it from our end.

If you are not receiving email from us, please check your 'Spam' or 'Junk' mailboxes. If messages are found there, please 'de-spam' the message so that later ones go straight to your inbox.

2Mb Max email size
If you are sending an email with attachments, the combined size of the email must be no greater than 2Mb. Larger messages will bounce back to you. Either split the attachments up into smaller emails or email here for further assistance.