The central, determined vision of the PWRA is to continuously improve the standard of living at Park West by way of better value for money

The PWRA was formed in 2009 by leaseholder volunteers to improve the quality of services, value for money and forecasting of service charges and as a result, the long-term capital values of their properties at Park West. We are a group of volunteers elected by our membership who put substantial commitment and significant effort to deliver its vision and directives. 

We are Not For Profit and have a strict non-profiteering mandate for all our officers.

The objectives of the Residents Association are to ensure that the Landlord maintains and delivers a quality standard of property management services, and other improvements, that we are entitled to under the terms and conditions of our leases, so as:

1. To maintain and improve the capital value of lessees apartments.

2. To keep Park West a desirable and attractive building in which to live, with facilities and services commensurate or superior to its peers within the area.

3. To establish high standards of quality, clarity and value for money in the delivery of essential services that meet the needs and expectations of lessees and residents.

By adopting a united stance on issues and challenges that face us, we will be able to work with the landlord and their managing agents to resolve the concerns and issues we have for long term residents.

Our aim is to continually improve the quality and value of building services we pay for, elevating the quality of living at Park West to that of the finest managed buildings of this type. The direct benefits to all leaseholders will be increased capital and rental values of flats commensurate with this prime central London location.

Your Service Charges

The PWRA is working hard to get better value from your service charges. We are absolutely committed to this objective and are actively engaging with the Highdorn management of Park West to ensure that the service charges we pay are transparent, fair and deliver provisions according to quality standards.

If you are interested and committed to these objectives and want to benefit directly join the PWRA now.

Take part in our association

This is important. We urgently need to find 12 willing members who can stand for the PWRA Committee. 9 of these will be Block Representatives (Reps) for the first year, one from each of the 9 blocks in Park West. We also need a Deputy Rep for each block. There will also be a Chairperson, a Treasurer and a Secretary.

The purpose of the Reps is to divide up the task of effective monitoring and contact for Park West residents and attend the Committee meetings when they are called. Above all, they must be present at the twice yearly meetings with the landlord and their managing agents. This is a crucial stage in the PWRA formation, and we need dependable people that preferably live at Park West, are committed, determined and reliable.

If you would like to put your name forward, please send an email to with your full contact details. You can also put your name forward when you apply for membership on the PWRA Membership Application Form.

Thank you,

The PWRA Team.

Viewing our websites

We recommend the Google Chrome browser to view this site. If you have not yet tried it we can recommend you do. It feels faster, is more compatible with some of the advanced tools that we will be using on here and it all installs in a few seconds. If you are having problems seeing the content of this site properly then please try it.

Members can access the PWRA Members Forum

The Members Forum is where signed-up PWRA Members share and discuss issues of concern, interest and collective benefit to the community at Park West. For many years, there has not been a place where residents and leaseholders could meet and converse about concerns and issues they have. We hope this will be used to share and discuss useful information for any PWRA Member that wants to contribute.